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Whether in your home, at work, or in public spaces,
roof lanterns are an exciting alternative to an ordinary skylight.

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Unique Skylights
With our roof lanterns, you can create a skylight that fits perfectly with your home or business. We offer 42 standard sizes in 5 shapes. Call us about custom sizes. For visual interest, add side frames and a glazing pattern to your skylight. Other high quality details include cast aluminum cresting and finials to add elegant finishing touches.

Our skylight roofs are built with structural aluminum rafters, clad with a PVC-u on the interior with an exterior surface of Duracron painted aluminum. Crestings and finials are cast aluminum for white lanterns and PVC-u for all other colors. Optional side window frames are comprised of multi-cell, steel-reinforced PVC-u. This high quality PVC-u is UV and weather resistant and, unlike conventional materials, will not rot or rust.

Environmental Features
Aesthetics combined with technology create skylights that are not only beautiful, but also as efficient as possible. The cladding and celled system creates a thermal barrier at the roof and sides. High performance Low-E insulated glass is standard because of its R-value, low solar heat gain and shading properties, while retaining a high Visible Light Ratio.

Have Questions?
Please see Sizes & Pricing, Specifications or Quotes & Ordering for more information or Contact Us about custom sizes. Dealer inquiries welcomed.

Illuminate your indoor space with the warmth and glow of the outdoors while beautifying your home with one of our roof lanterns.

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click for sizes and pricing click for sizes and pricing click for sizes and pricing